Congressman Richard E. Neal Receives Endorsements from Massachusetts Democratic State Committee Members



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Democratic Party Officials from Western and Central Massachusetts Pledge Support

(SPRINGFIELD) Congressman Richard E. Neal secured the endorsement from 48 members of the Democratic State Committee across each of the five counties in the First Congressional District. The Democratic State Committee is the day-to-day driving force behind the grassroots efforts of the Massachusetts Democratic Party.

According to the Charter of the Massachusetts Democratic Party, “the State Committee is intended to be working committees, dedicated to the cause of winning elections.” The formal role of the Democratic State Committee is to have general responsibility for the affairs of the Democratic Party between State Conventions.

“I am proud to receive support the endorsement from an overwhelming number of Democratic State Committee members throughout the five counties in the new First Congressional District,” said Neal. “Democratic State Committee members are the official voice for the Democratic Party in Massachusetts. Over the years I have worked with the Democratic State Committee to foster grassroots organizing across our Commonwealth in order to elect Democrats in local, state, and national races. I look forward to continuing working with them as we counteract Republican assaults on our core values.”

“I have known Congressman Neal for many years and have great respect for his devotion to Democratic ideals and his many votes in the Congress that reflect our values,” said Mary O’Brien of Pittsfield, Democratic State Committee member and former Middle Berkshire County Register of Deeds.

“Our communities have benefitted from the hard work and due diligence of Congressman Neal since he was Mayor of the City of Springfield,” said Raymond A. Jordan of Springfield, Vice Chairman of the Massachusetts Democratic State Committee and former State Representative. “Western and central Massachusetts is fortunate to have such a strong voice in Washington and I look forward to continuing our work together to promote our shared Democratic values.”

“Richie Neal is our only choice for Congress in 2012,” said Nicole LaChapelle of Easthampton, Democratic State Committee member and co-chair of Field Services Committee. “Given his deft hand as an experienced legislator and senior ranking member on the House Ways & Means Committee, Western Massachusetts needs his voice in Washington as do seniors across our nation for his expertise and advocacy to preserve Social Security and Medicare.”

“I support Congressman Neal because he is one of the few members of the House who remembers what compromise means,” said Nancy Stenberg of Southwick, Democratic State Committee member and co-chair of Field Services Committee. “The future of our country depends on keeping reasonable yet passionate legislators in Washington and Richie Neal is one of those voices.”

Members of the Democratic State Committee are required to fulfill a minimum requirement of 40 hours per election cycle to supporting candidacy of Democratic.

The Democratic State Committee members who endorsed are: Bruce Adams (Springfield), Pauline Aucoin (Dudley), Former State Senator Lou Bertonazzi (Milford), Mayor Michael Bissonnette (Chicopee), Bill Bradley (Ware), Former State Representative Paul Caron (Springfield), Marygail Cokkinias (Longmeadow), Ashley Coulombe (Rutland), Tom Cullen (Uxbridge), Dori Dean (Holyoke), Matt Fenlon, Jim Fleming (West Springfield), Mary Ford (Northampton), Mollie Fox (Northampton), Candy Glazer (Longmeadow), Roberta Goldman (Shrewsbury), Lee Harrison (Williamstown), Thomas and Carolyn Herrick (Sunderland), Ralph Hicks (Spencer), Warren and Norma Hill (Westfield), Sophia Jeffery (Springfield), Vice Chair Raymond A. Jordan (Springfield), Irene Kimball (Ludlow), Irene Kokocinski (Webster), Vice Chair Debra Kozikowski (Chicopee), Nicole LaChapelle (Easthampton), Matt Levy (Springfield), Candice Lopes (Springfield), Patty Marcus (Greenfield), Larry McDonald (Southbridge), Lisa Mosczynski (Douglas), Mary O'Brien (Pittsfield), Jason Palitsch (Shrewsbury), Mary Palmer (Lee), Jeanne Pryor (Becket), Dan Racicot (Easthampton), Bill Rosen (Northampton), Former State Representative Rosemary Sandlin (Agawam), Diane Saxe (Grafton), Reina Silva (Springfield), Nancy Stenberg (Southwick), Representative Ben Swan (Springfield), E. Henry Twiggs (Springfield), Beverly Wah O'Brien (Easthampton), Lauren Werman (West Springfield), and Corinne Wingard (Agawam).



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