Infrastructure and Broadband

“Communities in Central and Western Massachusetts need modern, quality infrastructure that can provide not only transportation, but reliable broadband, safe water and durable sewer systems”

Infrastructure is a critical part of any community, and particularly in Western and Central Massachusetts. Rail and highways crisscross the district between major urban areas while a web of smaller, yet critical roads connect our rural communities. For the system to work efficiently, it must be funded and consistently maintained. In addition, broadband access is critical to middle-class families, schools, local governments, and small businesses. I have worked hard to bring broadband to all communities in Western Massachusetts and I will continue to do so. I also support net neutrality and measures that will protect consumer choice.

Congressman Neal has taken steps to bring funding and planning to enhance infrastructure, including:

  • Led efforts to rehabilitate Springfield’s Union Station which is now a modernized rail hub that has been an economic development catalyst for the city and the region
  • Supports net neutrality, opposed the Federal Communications Commission’s proposed changes, and advocated for the FCC Chairman to withdraw this short sighted, anti-consumer provision while working on a legislative solution to correct the provision and protect consumers
  • Strives to close the information gap in rural communities by partnering with Governors Deval Patrick and Charlie Baker to ensure that fast, reliable internet is a reality for all Massachusetts communities
  • Supported the Accelerated Bridge Program which allowed for the repair of bridges across Massachusetts such as the Broad Brook Bridge in Easthampton as well as the South End Bridge in Springfield