Leadership & Results

Every day I am fighting Donald Trump's harmful policies that hurt working families in western and central Massachusetts. I am proud to lead the charge for fairer taxes, affordable healthcare, combating income inequality, defending Social Security and Medicare, addressing the opioid epidemic, and growing an economy for us all.

Join me in the fight against Donald Trump and Republicans who are turning back the clock on all we've accomplished. I ask for your support so together we can help Democrats win back the majority in Congress and get our country back on track for the middle class.


On Social Security

“We all pull the wagon in our youth because we may have to sit in the wagon in our older years.”

Millions of Americans depend on Social Security for their income because so many people can no longer rely on the traditional employer sponsored pension. And millions more are currently contributing to the program through their paychecks. Although the 2017 Social Security Trustees Report says the program is stable for the future, it is critical to continue to strengthen and protect the program.  

Representative Neal is a longtime supporter of the Social Security program and has taken steps to protect and strengthen it.

On the Trail