Health Care

“I have and will continue to strive for high quality, affordable, accessible health care that Central and Western Massachusetts residents deserve”

As we strive for universal coverage at the federal level, I continue to look at Massachusetts' success. This means continuing to protect and improve the Affordable Care as I am proud of my efforts that helped protect 20 million Americans from losing health coverage. I will continue to stay focused on protecting other important health programs for the middle class like Medicare and Medicaid as well as looking to ways to improve affordability for all Americans. 

Congressman Neal has taken steps to protect and strengthen existing health programs including:

  • Led efforts to protect the Affordable Care Act from Congressional Republicans and the Trump Administration’s harmful and callous steps to dismantle it
  • Protecting and strengthening Medicare and Medicaid—two programs that are more important than ever before as millions of baby boomers will rely on Medicare in the coming years and Medicaid is now a middle class benefit that individuals and families rely on for long term care, mental health and drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs
  • Exploring opportunities to enhance Medicare by including vision, dental and hearing benefits to the program
  • Protecting thousands of health care related jobs in Western and Central Massachusetts and the field’s $4 billion impact statewide
  • Supporting efforts to provide overall stability in the market place so patients can afford quality health care while limiting uncertainty and out of pocket costs
  • Supporting funding and programs to address opioid epidemic
  • Supporting hospitals, Community Health Centers and other health care institutions that provide quality health related services